Nos encanta que nuestros amigos sean partícipes de nuestra música. Por eso Pedro Zubiri ha grabado de nuevo (recuerdas el solo en ‘Els Dies Tranquils’?) algunos solos de guitarra para el próximo nuevo álbum.
¿Qué podemos decir? ¡Pues que es un genio!
Gracias otra vez, querido amigo!
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Last week at the studio!
We are very excited to announce that Júlia Colom, one of the most beautiful and outstanding female voices that we have ever known, will sing in two songs of our upcoming new album.
Some of you asked for a teaser, so here you are!🔝🤘
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The Mediterranean Sea will be an essential conceptual element in this new album.

From its past as a great space for cultural exchanges and as a melting pot for blending societies, to what it is in the present, a huge cemetery where our greatest shame lies as a species.

We wanted to make an ode to what that ‘Mare Nostrum’ meant, so we have made a song and adapted the poem ‘Et deixo un pont de mar blava’ by the great writer Miquel Martí i Pol that speaks very precisely of the interwoven intricacies between these brotherly peoples of long ago.

In addition, we thought it would be nice to recite the poem in the largest number of languages that make up this cultural space, so we contacted friends and big fans of the band to help us recording a fragment of the poem into each of their respective languages.

We had the great pleasure to work with Vassilis Mazaris (Daylight Misery, Greek), Diane Camenzuli (ex Weeping Silence, Maltese), Sara Rose (Arabic), Joan Hednahund (Spanish), Élide Terrón and Felip Palou (Catalan), Pablo Ferrarese (Italian), Isabelle Pereira (French) and Corin Sansolo (Hebrew), giving all their special touches to this song, which have been amazing!

Thank you very much for your participation, friends! — con Élide Terrón Gómez, Diane Camenzuli, Vassilis Mazaris y Hednahund Suec.

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Dear friends,
The recording sessions are coming to an end, meaning that the vocals have already been recorded.
Josep has done his best growls and clean vocals ever, with an amazing production job by Mega.
Little by little, we are going to reveal more details about the recording, along with more info about our crew and their contribution (along with a few surprises), etc.

Stay tuned!
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Dear friends,
We are finishing the week with a very special touch.

The outstanding guitarist and composer Jaume Compte Nafas Ensemble has visited the recording studio with a Greek bouzouki and a Turkish bağlama to put his magnificent Mediterranean influence on one of the new songs. The mix between these guitars and our musical style is perfect, and we can already tell that it will give a very special sound, adding a new level of rich depth.

More news coming soon!
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Dear friends,
Keyboards and 🎹 have already been recorded!
We have put a lot of effort on the key sounds, and Enrique Sierra and Mega have worked hard on the orchestration and the arrangements of the songs, so the final result is that the songs are more ‘atmospheric’ yet powerful (ok, ☕️ helped us a lot too 😉).

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Dear friends,
All guitars are done!
Sandro Vizcaino has recorded some of the most important parts for the band, the melodies.
The guitar sounds deep, emotional and very, very intense. We are very proud of him!
So we are very excited with the evolution of the recording, we can’t wait to show you the final result!
Have a nice day!
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Dear friends,
Rhythm guitars done! 🎸
One more step to finish the new album. Samuel has been squeezed like a lemmon by Mega and the result is that it sounds really deep and devastating!
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Hey friends,

Will Adrift has just finished his bass parts, and it sounds like a ⚡️!

He also used a 70s bass, dedicated to its owner, died young some years ago.

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Hey friends,

The drums have been already recorded! Zxavi has been great with the sticks. We can assure you that it sounds like an armageddon!

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