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New story video of «The Path to Puya»

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On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi lives the fascinating people of Toraja. For them, death is more important than life. The magic and the sacrifice mark the beginning of their mystic walk that leads them toward their final goal, Puya. The funeral is the most important part of it all. ‘The Path to Puya’ is a song written after a… Leer más »

Aamamata second sigle out!

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Our Second Single ‘A Sail to Sanity’ Out Now! Lyric Video made by Chris Kells Pre-Order ‘Aamamata’: helevorn webshop YouTube: Youtube

Aamamata First sigle out!

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We are very pleased to present you the video of ‘Blackened Waves’, the first single of ‘Aamamata’. Enjoy it! Video by Tuco Martin Shoot&Roll Illustrations by PEPMI Ilustrador

Aamamata teaser

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‘Aamamata’ will be the title of our upcoming fourth album, it will be released again by Solitude Productions in early 2019! Here you are the first teaser of the new album. Enjoy it! Video by Tuco Martin | Shoot&Roll.

Winter Solstice concert

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Good morning friends, Today we want to remember this song wishing to all of you a happy winter solstice. All the best!

«Reasons dies last» video

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Dear friends, The guys of Dr Filmgood and Tuco Martin Shoot&Roll have made us the best X-Mas gift we could imagine, the first video of our first acoustic concert we did on April 2016 at the beautiful Teatre «Mar i Terra».! It’s arriving a little bit late, we know, but definitely it’s been worth it. Enjoy the lights, the awesome… Leer más »