Studio Report VIII

30 Jul

The Mediterranean Sea will be an essential conceptual element in this new album.

From its past as a great space for cultural exchanges and as a melting pot for blending societies, to what it is in the present, a huge cemetery where our greatest shame lies as a species.

We wanted to make an ode to what that ‘Mare Nostrum’ meant, so we have made a song and adapted the poem ‘Et deixo un pont de mar blava’ by the great writer Miquel Martí i Pol that speaks very precisely of the interwoven intricacies between these brotherly peoples of long ago.

In addition, we thought it would be nice to recite the poem in the largest number of languages that make up this cultural space, so we contacted friends and big fans of the band to help us recording a fragment of the poem into each of their respective languages.

We had the great pleasure to work with Vassilis Mazaris (Daylight Misery, Greek), Diane Camenzuli (ex Weeping Silence, Maltese), Sara Rose (Arabic), Joan Hednahund (Spanish), Élide Terrón and Felip Palou (Catalan), Pablo Ferrarese (Italian), Isabelle Pereira (French) and Corin Sansolo (Hebrew), giving all their special touches to this song, which have been amazing!

Thank you very much for your participation, friends! — con Élide Terrón Gómez, Diane Camenzuli, Vassilis Mazaris y Hednahund Suec.

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