Aamamata (2019)

 – Aamamata is the song that Death sings every day in the Mediterranean Sea, which has become a desolate pit for human lives.
‘Aurora’ is dedicated to all of those who have fallen by executions and political persecution during the fascist coup in Spain in 1936, and are still missing, buried in hundreds of unmarked mass graves but is especially dedicated to Aurora Picornell, a freedom fighter who stood up for liberty and civil rights, and was executed on January 5th, 1937.
More than 80 years after her death, her body has not yet been found.


  1. A Sail to Sanity
  2. Goodbye, Hope
  3. Blackened Waves
  4. Aurora
  5. Forgotten Fields
  6. Nostrum Mare
  7. Once Upon a War
  8. The Path to Puya
  9. La Sibil.la


Album release: January 23, 2019
Album Format: CD Digipack / CD Jewel case / 12″ Blue vinyl
Title: Aamamata
Length: 53:00
Record label: BadMoodMan/Solitude Productions
Recorded and mixed at Psychosomatic Studios (Mallorca) during the summer of 2018.
Produced, engineered and arranged by Miquel Àngel Riutort “Mega.”
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden.
All music composed by Helevorn.
All lyrics written by Grant Anderson & Josep Brunet, except ‘The Path to Puya,’ written by Josep Brunet; ‘Nostrum Mare (Et deixo un pont de mar blava), written by Miquel Martí i Pol & Lluis Llach and ‘La Sibil·la’, which is a Catalan medieval song dated from the 10th century.

Guest vocals in ‘Aurora’ and ‘Nostrum Mare’ by Júlia Colom.
Guest vocals in ‘The Path to Puya’ by Heike Langhans.
Bouzouki and bağlama in ‘Aurora’ by Jaume Compte.
Guitar Solo in ‘The Path to Puya’ by Pedro Zubiri.
Additional drums in ‘Aurora’ by Batucada d’es Gremi.
Outro singing in ‘The Path to Puya’ by ‘Are’are women (Malaita, Salomon Islands).

Spoken parts in ‘Nostrum Mare’ (in order of appearance):
Vassilis Mazaris (Greek), Diane Camenzuli (Maltese), Joan Oliver (Spanish), Sara Husein El Ahmed (Arabic), Pablo Ferrarese (Italian), Isabelle Pereira (French), Élide Terrón & Felip Palou (Catalan), Corin Solo (Hebrew).

Artwork and layout by Gonzalo Aeneas.
Logo by Irene Serrano

Line Up on this recording:

Josep Brunet (Vocals)
Samuel Morales (Guitars)
Sandro Vizcaino (Guitars)
Enrique Sierra (Pianos & Keys)
Guillem MC (Bass)
Xavi Gil (Drums)