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Studio Report VIII

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The Mediterranean Sea will be an essential conceptual element in this new album. From its past as a great space for cultural exchanges and as a melting pot for blending societies, to what it is in the present, a huge cemetery where our greatest shame lies as a species. We wanted to make an ode to what that ‘Mare Nostrum’… Leer más »

Studio Report VII

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Dear friends, The recording sessions are coming to an end, meaning that the vocals have already been recorded. Josep has done his best growls and clean vocals ever, with an amazing production job by Mega. Little by little, we are going to reveal more details about the recording, along with more info about our crew and their contribution (along with… Leer más »

Studio Report VI

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Dear friends, We are finishing the week with a very special touch. The outstanding guitarist and composer Jaume Compte Nafas Ensemble has visited the recording studio with a Greek bouzouki and a Turkish bağlama to put his magnificent Mediterranean influence on one of the new songs. The mix between these guitars and our musical style is perfect, and we can… Leer más »

Studio Report V

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Dear friends, Keyboards and 🎹 have already been recorded! We have put a lot of effort on the key sounds, and Enrique Sierra and Mega have worked hard on the orchestration and the arrangements of the songs, so the final result is that the songs are more ‘atmospheric’ yet powerful (ok, ☕️ helped us a lot too 😉).

Studio Report IV

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Dear friends, All guitars are done! Sandro Vizcaino has recorded some of the most important parts for the band, the melodies. The guitar sounds deep, emotional and very, very intense. We are very proud of him! So we are very excited with the evolution of the recording, we can’t wait to show you the final result! Have a nice day!… Leer más »

Studio Report III

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Dear friends, Rhythm guitars done! 🎸 One more step to finish the new album. Samuel has been squeezed like a lemmon by Mega and the result is that it sounds really deep and devastating! #WeHateStudioReports #GuitarsOfDoom

Studio Report II

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Hey friends, Will Adrift has just finished his bass parts, and it sounds like a ⚡️! He also used a 70s bass, dedicated to its owner, died young some years ago.

Studio Report I

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Hey friends, The drums have been already recorded! Zxavi has been great with the sticks. We can assure you that it sounds like an armageddon!

Entering the studio!

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The countdown to enter the studio to record our upcoming fourth album has begun. We have already finished the demos, so we are ready to visit our friend Mega at his Psychosomatic Recording Studio to start the battle!💥🤘 The next 11th of June will be the day! We will publish pictures, some short videos, details about the recording, etc. in… Leer más »

Finishing the new songs

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A code from outer space? Quantum physics? No. This is our rehearsal room board. We think that not even mr Hopkins would be able to decode this mess. The good news are that sometimes we understand this messages. But just sometimes 😅. Finishing the new songs!!