Aamamata new album art cover

5 Dic

Dear friends, We are very pleased to present you the cover of our upcoming new album ‘Aamamata’. Artwork made by Gonzalo Æneas.🌊 Moreover, here is the complete track list: 1. A Sail To Sanity 2. Goodbye, Hope 3. Blackened Waves 4. … Leer más »

Aamamata teaser

23 Oct

‘Aamamata’ will be the title of our upcoming fourth album, it will be released again by Solitude Productions in early 2019! Here you are the first teaser of the new album. Enjoy it! Video by Tuco Martin | Shoot&Roll.

Studio Report XII

5 Sep

Dear friends, Heike Langhans of Draconian is the last contributor that will appear in our new and upcoming album. Her voice is absolutely amazing, and we must say that it is like icing on the cake! Thank you for your … Leer más »

Studio Report XI

27 Ago

Last week of recording! We needed something really heavy for a specific song, so some extra drums always work!🥢🥢💪 Thanks Sergi Valls and the rest of the drummers! This upcoming Friday we are going to reveal the last contribution, and … Leer más »

Studio Report X

23 Ago

Nos encanta que nuestros amigos sean partícipes de nuestra música. Por eso Pedro Zubiri ha grabado de nuevo (recuerdas el solo en ‘Els Dies Tranquils’?) algunos solos de guitarra para el próximo nuevo álbum. ¿Qué podemos decir? ¡Pues que es un genio! … Leer más »

Studio Report IX

6 Ago

Last week at the studio! We are very excited to announce that Júlia Colom, one of the most beautiful and outstanding female voices that we have ever known, will sing in two songs of our upcoming new album. Some of you … Leer más »

Studio Report VIII

30 Jul

The Mediterranean Sea will be an essential conceptual element in this new album. From its past as a great space for cultural exchanges and as a melting pot for blending societies, to what it is in the present, a huge … Leer más »

Studio Report VII

25 Jul

Dear friends, The recording sessions are coming to an end, meaning that the vocals have already been recorded. Josep has done his best growls and clean vocals ever, with an amazing production job by Mega. Little by little, we are … Leer más »