Fragments album (2005)

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Album release: 2005.10.10
Length: 47′

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  1. Nobody is Waiting (04:10)
  2. Absolute Sadness(04:47)
  3. Ungravity (05:03)
  4. Your Creased Silk (04:22)
  5. Sequences (05:13)
  6. A Gost in my Room (03:41)
  7. 12 (katatonia cover) (08:21)
  8. About Angels (2002) (07:01)
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Album release: 2005.10.10
Title: Fragments
Length: 47:00
Record label: None.
Recorded and engineered at Ona Digital Studios by Miquel Llinàs y Miquel Brunet.
Produced by Helevorn.
Mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studios (FIN) by Mika Jussila.
Musical composed by Helevorn except “12” music by Katatonia.
All lyrics written by Josep Brunet, except “About Angels” by Samuel Morales.
Photos, artwork and layout by Pilar Carrero.
Line up on this recording:
Josep Brunet (Vocals)
Samuel Morales (Guitars)
Marc Llompart (Bass)
Xavi Gil (Drums)
Enrique Sierra (Keys and Pianos)

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