Compassion Forlorn album (2014)


Album Format: Jewel Case CD, 12 pages fullcolor booklet

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  1. The Inner Crumble (06:51)
  2. Burden Me (05:02)
  3. Looters (05:55)
  4. Unified (05:14)
  5. Delusive Eyes (06:47)
  6. I Am to Blame (04:49)
  7. Reasons Dies Last (07:58)
  8. Els Dies Tranquils (06:36)

Released September 22, 2014
Album Format: Jewel Case CD, 12 pages fullcolor booklet
Recorded and mixed at Psychosomatic Studios in Mallorca (Spain) by Miguel Ángel Riutort “Mega” and mastered once again by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Arch Enemy, Kreator…) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

The album features great artist collaborations like in the song “Els dies tranquils” that counts with the Irish female singer/songwriter Lisa Cuthbert and the guitar player Pedro Zubiri (ex-Golgotha and Blind Panic). A male choir appears in several songs.

Album artwork made by Andreu Beltran.

Line up on this recording:
Josep Brunet (Vocals)
Samuel Morales (Guitars)
Sandro Vizcaino (Guitars)
Guillem MC (Bass)
Xavi Gil (Drums)

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