Forthcoming Displeasures (2010)


Album Format: Digipack CD, 12 pages fullcolor booklet

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  1. From Our Glorious Days (5:55)
  2. Descent (7:52)
  3. Two Voices Surrounding (5:47)
  4. Revelations (8:29)
  5. To Bleed not to Suffer (5:12)
  6. Hopeless Truth (6:28)
  7. Yellow (6:27)
  8. On Shores (of a dying sea) (7:03)


Album release: Feb 08, 2010 (Spain), feb 15, 2010 (Europe)
Album Format: CD Digipack
Title: Forthcoming Displeasures
Length: 53:00
Record label: Bad Mood Man/Solitude Productions
Recorded and engineered at Urban Studios by Jens Bogren and Johan Ornborg.
Produced by Helevorn.
Mixed and mastered at FASCINATION STREET RECORDING STUDIOS in Örebro (Sweden).
Musical composed by Helevorn.
All lyrics written by Josep Brunet.
Special appearance of Chus Coll (Cello) in “Descent” and “Two Voices Surrounding”.
Artwork and layout by Robert Høyem ( .
Bandphoto by Juan Montañez.
Line up on this recording:
Josep Brunet (Vocals)
Samuel Morales (Guitars)
Sandro Vizcaino (Guitars)
Toni Mainez (Bass)
Xavi Gil (Drums)
Enrique Sierra (Keys and Pianos)

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